Triumph Group Culture/Mission

Culture / Mission

Triumph’s Mission

Triumph’s mission is to be the premier aerospace and defense company recognized by customers as their supplier of choice for the aerospace structures, components and assemblies we provide.

To achieve our goals, we protect the integrity of the individual Triumph companies while providing each company with the benefits of being part of a large corporation.  In return, each company is accountable for superior operating and financial results and for contributing to the overall success of the enterprise.  This operating philosophy provides flexibility to capitalize on the changing market environment while delivering superior customer satisfaction. 

Triumph’s Values

All companies share the Triumph name and a common dedication to the core values of Integrity, Innovation, Quality and Service, Flawless Execution, and Commitment. In fiscal 2011, we implemented “Striving for Excellence,” a company-wide program to communicate and reinforce these values among all employees. These values serve as guiding principles as we fulfill our commitment to our customers, employees, investors, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

Triumph’s Strategy

Our business strategy has remained constant since Triumph’s founding. Because our strategy is clear and consistent, our managers have the confidence required to make independent decisions in line with our shared priorities. Our strategy has five key elements:

    • Continually add products and services 
    • Expand operating capacity 
    • Acquire aggressively 
    • Market our complete portfolio of capabilities 
    • Expand our international presence 

Think Big, Act Small

We manage Triumph according to a unique decentralized management philosophy that places a great deal of discretion and accountability with our individual companies while maintaining a small corporate staff. While Triumph management establishes the overall direction for the entire organization, each individual company has broad latitude and discretion to apply our strategies in ways that make sense for their own customers and markets. Because our operating companies are extremely nimble and responsive to changing market conditions, Triumph as a whole is also highly adaptive and flexible. At Triumph, rigorous expense control is a way of life, and each company is accountable for its own profitability.

One Name.  Many Solutions.

Triumph acts as a large corporation by presenting a common face and a single point of contact to our customers. We promote the group’s complete range of expertise and capabilities under the banner: “One name. Many solutions.” Since 2006, all our companies have shared the Triumph name and a common commitment to work together to serve our customers.

The Triumph Team

As part of Triumph, our companies are able to attract and retain the very best people available. While Triumph offers employees excellent compensation and benefits, the most important advantages of working here are not measured in dollars and cents but in terms of personal accountability and empowerment. Not only are employees empowered to take initiative, they are expected to take initiative to meet the needs of our customers. 


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