Integrated Systems

Triumph Integrated Systems provides a full range of integrated solutions for aircraft manufactures around the globe. Triumph Integrated Systems partners with key manufacturers to produce crucial components, systems and subsystems required to help maintain a competitive and technological advantage. Triumph Integrated Systems provides design, development and support of internally designed components, subsystems and systems, as well as production of complex assemblies using external designs. Capabilities include hydraulic, mechanical and electromechanical actuation, power and control for landing gear, as well as a complete suite of aerospace gearbox solutions, including engine accessory gearboxes, helicopter transmissions, and fuel management, such as full authority digital electronic controls (FADEC).

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Electronics & Control

Designs, develops, manufactures and services fuel pumps, fuel metering units and electronic control systems. We maintain a unique capability for systems integration as well as hydromechanical and electronics in-house development. Designs, develops and tests a variety of actuators and thermal systems for use in both military and commercial aerospace applications.

  • Thermally efficient gear and vane pumps
  • Highly integrated fuel pump and metering unit
  • Locking actuation
  • Hydraulic utility actuation sub-systems and components
  • Customizable universal control
  • Engine Health Monitoring
  • Software design DO-178
  • Hardware design to DO-254
  • Thermal protection

Key Products
  • Fuel Pumps & Fuel Metering Units
  • FADECs
  • Thermal Products
  • Nose Wheel Steering Components
  • Utility Actuation Systems
  • Uplock Systems

Actuation & Control

Manufactures actuators for landing gear, cargo doors, ramps, cowl doors, wing folds and miscellaneous utility actuators. Sizes range from several inches to eleven feet and materials include high strength steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium.

  • Nose wheel steering components
  • Flight control actuation systems
  • Uplock systems
  • Door actuation
  • Electronic design DO-254 Level A
  • Collective controls
  • Software design DO178 Rev C Level A
  • Remote valve assemblies
  • Electro-mechanical design
  • Test to DO-160 Rev C
  • Electronic PCB manufacture

 Key Products
  • Landing gear actuation & uplocks
  • Electronic controllers & motor drives
  • Flight control actuation
  • Utility actuators

Mechanical Solutions

Triumph Integrated Systems provides mechanical solutions including design, development, manufacturer and support of highly engineered mechanical controls, actuation and components as well as production of complex mechanical assemblies using external designs.

  • Design & build
  • Build to print mechanical controls, actuation, and components

 Key Products
  • Push / pull control cable systems
  • Hold open rods & strut assemblies
  • Latches & keepers
  • Nose wheel steering units & QDCs
  • Remote valve actuator systems
  • Cockpit control modules, cyclics & collectives

Geared Solutions

Manufacture, test and assembly of complete transmission and gearbox assemblies as well as complex gears and housings.

Our design engineering group can specify and design any gear application, from simple build-to-print work to collaboratively engineered and highly specialized applications.

  • Gear actuation systems
  • Power transmission systems
  • Gear system components

 Key Products
  • Accessory gearbox (AGB)
  • Propeller gearbox
  • Inlet gearbox (IGB)
  • Power take off (PTO)
  • Detail gears and housings

Fluid Power & Actuation

Triumph Integrated Systems – Fluid Power & Actuation designs, develops, manufactures and services fuel pumps, fuel metering units and electronic control systems. We maintain a unique capability for systems integration as well as hydromechanical and electronics in-house development.

  • Engine driven hydraulic pumps – fixed or variable displacement
  • Electric motor driven hydraulic pumps – fixed or variable displacement
  • Hydraulic power transfer units
  • Integrated hydraulic power packs
  • Hydraulic gear pumps
  • Solenoid operated valves
  • Single and double acting hydraulic actuators
  • Locking actuators
  • Hydraulic rate fuses
  • Hydraulic volume fuses
  • Piston accumulators
  • Landing gear actuation sub-systems and components
  • Thrust reverser actuation systems and components
  • Hydraulic utility actuation sub-systems and components
  • Hydraulic actuation components with complex and extreme dynamics
  • Build to print hydraulic components

key products
  • Hydraulic pumps and motors
  • Hydraulic actuators
  • Hydraulic fuses
  • Hydraulic accumulators
  • Hydraulic valves and manifolds
  • Carrier launched aircraft holdback bars

Actuation Systems

Hydraulic, mechanical and electromechanical actuation, utility and steering actuation

Gear Systems

Complete suite of aerospace gearbox solutions including engine accessory gearboxes and helicopter transmissions

Thermal Management

Provides numerous types of thermal management subsystems and systems, such as heat exchangers, gearbox oil coolers air and liquid cooling systems, vapor cycle and pneumatic systems

Fuel Systems

Serves the aerospace industry with products ranging from main fuel pumps to hydromechanical metering units and full authority digital engine control (FADEC) systems

Flight Controls

Mechanical and electromechanical primary hydromechanical secondary flight controls
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