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About Us : Triumph Aerospace Systems - Newport News

Triumph Aerospace Systems - Newport News offers design, analysis, manufacture, instrumentation, assembly, and test support of aerospace prototype ground test and flight systems and components.
Our company has three primary business areas: 

  • Turbomachinery - aerothermal, mechanical and turbopump rigs, engine assemblies, propulsion components 
  • Composites - custom, complex composite structures for various aerospace applications
  • Test Devices - force measurement systems, prototype and flight test hardware, test stands, propulsion and actuation simulators, wind tunnel models, rotorcraft blades
We support global aerospace development programs for all major airframe and engine Original Equipment Manufacturers with technology demonstrator rigs, engines, flight hardware and special test articals and special test equipment. In addition, we support the U.S. military with technologies including infrared suppressors to protect helicopters operating in hostile environments. 

Field Services are an extension of our comprehensive technical capabilities. On-site engineering and technical services, such as operations support, are provided to government and commercial customers. 

Our manufacturing operation supports specialized and low-rate production machining and EDM of complex hardware.  In composite materials, we develop and implement unique fabrication methodologies such as core forming and machining as well as the fabrication of complex composite structures. 


We design, manufacture, instrument and assemble complex aero-propulsion rigs, engines and prototype systems. This includes all components of industrial and aerospace gas turbine engines, from inlet systems to exhaust systems. These test systems are extremely complex, requiring disciplined systems engineering, control of tight part tolerances, and very close attention to detail in all phases of the rig activity. These rigs and prototypes support the development and transition of advanced technologies into OEMs' products through the cost-effective, rapid prototyping environment.


Composite materials are advantageous when traditional metal structures and assemblies are not suitable for the desired application. We are experienced in designing, fabricating and machining composites with fiberglass, graphite, Kevlar and Nomex Kevlar-reinforced paper honeycomb materials (both cloth and pre-preg) to fabricate custom, complex composite structures. We have a long history of providing highly engineered composite material solutions for proprietary military programs. Our composite engineering team has supported many aerospace development programs by providing innovative, cost-effective prototype solutions. The design engineers, manufacturing engineers and fabrication team work within an Integrated Product Team (IPT) to optimize the tooling designs and fabrication processes.

Test Devices

Triumph Aerospace Systems - Newport News understands the test environment, the progression from development to bench test to prototype to ground or flight test. We can provide both test devices and test articles. We are capable of designing, machining, fabricating, instrumenting, calibrating, assembling and installing ground, flight and operation test hardware. We supply state-of-the-art balance design, fabrication and calibration services through the use of our high-capacity balance and automatic balance calibration system. Our experience with test devices and articles also includes model positioning systems, rotorcraft test stands, rotor blades, suppressor systems, wind tunnel models, prototype flight test hardware and propulsion and actuation simulators.
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