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For more than 50 years Triumph Controls - USA has been designing, qualifying and manufacturing mechanical and electromechanical control systems for commercial and commuter aircraft, military aircraft and helicopters, naval and commercial vessels, nuclear power plants and industrial plants.  Ever since our first remote control push-pull cables were fitted into the legendary Spitfire, aerospace engineers have trusted Triumph to develop innovative designs in response to a broad range of control problems. 

Triumph solutions range from simple applications like vent or potable water controls to complex flight-critical engine controls, cockpit levers and collective systems.  The unique Triumph principle developed for aircraft applications led to diversification into other industries.  Today, in addition to aerospace, Triumph is recognized as a leading supplier of control systems for shipbuilding, commercial nuclear and industrial markets where we provide industry-leading products including remote mechanical valve actuators and moveable detector drive systems.    

Today, as in the past, Triumph is still committed to its original purpose - to produce the best possible control systems.  When you see the Triumph name, you know that attached to it is proven performance, efficient operation, total dependability and complete customer satisfaction with a precision product made under the highest quality standards.

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