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CASA QuadTriumph cockpit controls include flap, spoiler and landing gear levers, nose wheel steering tillers, park and emergency brake handles, ADG/RAT release handles and complete throttle quadrants.  All cockpit controls and quadrants are specifically designed to meet unique customer requirements.  They may be designed to actuate cable and precision ball bearing controls, mechanical linkages, electrical switches, potentiometers, resolvers and RVDT’s (Rotary Variable Differential Transformer).  Other considerations include installation envelope dimensions, mounting location, operating forces, detent positions, position lockouts, control signal accuracy and electrical/mechanical interface. 

Cock Pit LeversSpecifically for the rotary wing market, Triumph designs, develops and manufactures helicopter collective systems for a variety of current platforms.  As with all Triumph products, collectives are designed to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations while providing a superior precision control system.  Available for single or multi-engine applications, Triumph collectives provide excellent feel and smooth action and can be provided with either mechanical or electrical output (for fly-by-wire applications).  Mechanical outputs integrate seamlessly with Triumph ball bearing controls and output gear boxes for connection to engine mounted control mechanisms.  Electrical outputs are available as RVDT’s (rotary variable differential transformer) or the preferred sensor as defined by customer requirements. Integrated electronic control heads configured to meet customer switch requirements are available. 

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