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Open CylinderThe Triumph Controls Detector Drive System is the electromechanical portion of the Flux Mapping System used in commercial PWR and BWR nuclear power plants to measure neutron flux density and serves as the basis for fuel management.  The system consists of four (4) primary assemblies: rotary-transfer mechanism, wye-assembly, hollow-core helical drive cable and constant-torque spring motor drive train.  Together these assemblies allow for an infinite number of system configurations attributable to their modular design.  This flexibility provides the designer freedom to produce any level of path redundancy required.  The precise operation afforded by the helical-hobbed wheel and position feedback assembly provide exact, repeatable sensor positioning at distances in excess of 200 ft. and accuracy of +/- .25 inches. 

Detector DriveTriumph’s latest design Detector Drive Systems also include a combination disengaging clutch and torque transducer assembly within the drive train.  This assembly protects the system from excessive drive forces and provides continuous feedback on detector drive forces, which allows system engineers to proactively address maintenance needs and pinpoint restrictions and blockages within the drive system. 

Triumph has over 50 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of Detector Drive Systems for the nuclear industry.  Worldwide over 90 complete systems have been delivered by Triumph.  

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