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Push/Pull Controls : Triumph Controls - USA

Push-pull controls provide an efficient, highly reliable and lightweight means of delivering remote actuation.  Triumph manufactures two types of push-pull controls: cable controls and precision ball bearing controls.

Cable controls utilize helix or flat wrap cable captivated in a casing assembly.  Cable controls are generally used when applications require smaller bend radii and routings with multi-plain configurations.   In addition, controls can be configured for a variety of wire rope configurations based on flexibility, load and efficiency requirements.  Wire rope controls are used in tension only applications and are mated with a variety of input options (handles, levers) and output attachments (blades, clevis, threaded terminal).
Precision ball bearing controls are push-pull systems that consist of an inner core held between two rows of ball bearings by two outer races, all contained in a high strength outer casing.  Triumph employs a captive ball cage design that transmits force with maximum accuracy, minimum friction and ultra low backlash.  Ball bearing controls are generally used in applications with longer routings and higher tension and compression.

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