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Remote StationThe Triumph family of Remote Mechanical Valve Actuators (“RMVA”) are used to operate hard to reach valves and those located in inaccessible or hazardous environments.  The system is a highly reliable, simplified, maintenance free, and cost effective solution to valve actuation problems encountered in shipboard applications, nuclear power plants, chemical processing plants and anywhere else remote operation is required. 

The RMVA system is designed to efficiently deliver rotary torque over long distances and through multiple bend planes. Operation of the system occurs when input torque is applied to a pinion shaft at the operator station actuator.  Torque is transmitted through the pinion shaft, to a cable drive gear, and converted to linear motion of the helix cable, which in turn rotates the output shaft at the valve station actuator.  The ends of the helix cable are connected with a flexible connector, which closes the loop and permits the system to operate in a tension-tension mode.  The flexible connector is able to pass into and through both the operator station and valve station actuator creating a continuous loop system.

RMVAModular construction allows for custom system configuration.  Each system is designed for a specific application.  All RMVA systems are delivered as complete units and supplied with all required mounting hardware.  Shop time associated with fabrication of other actuation systems is eliminated.  The flexibility of the helix drive cable and supporting conduits dramatically reduce installation time common to systems utilizing antiquated technologies such as rigid rods and flexible torque shafting.  

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