Triumph Fabrications - Phoenix

Overview : Triumph Fabrications - Phoenix

Triumph Fabrications – Phoenix is globally known for our unique capability to produce complex metallic, close tolerance details and assemblies. High temperature and aluminum aerospace metal alloys are formed into close tolerance details that are precision joined using various methods. Our range of forming processes allow precision forming of welded cones and cylinders from a single piece construction and is not limited exclusively to round shapes. We can also form circular to rectangular transitions with elliptical and integral convolutions.
Complex / compound surfaces are similarly formed on exotic alloys with our deep draw hydro-forming competency up to a 12” draw depth and 32” diameter. Close tolerance high temperature and aluminum aerospace metal alloys are hydro- formed into details that are precision joined using various methods at our Arizona plant.
We lead the industry in high quality resistance and fusion welding of ferrous and non ferrous metals. Our welding equipment ranges from spot and seam resistance to automated wire feed fusion welding and TIP-TIG. NADCAP certified NDT methods assure the quality of all welds.

Among the components produced are High Temp Ducting – Inlet, Exhaust, Pneumatic, Heat Shields, Mixers, Combustors & Combustion liners, Detail Stampings , Centerbodies , Oil Tanks, Seals, Baffles, Flanges, Rings, Recouperators, Turbine Bearing Supports, High Temp Transition Pieces, Ducts & Plenums, Aircraft structural and Rocket engine components, and Industrial turbine engine weldments.
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