Triumph Fabrications - Shelbyville

Overview : Triumph Fabrications - Shelbyville

Triumph Fabrications - Shelbyville's focus is on forming, fabricating, machining, and subassembly of metallic items for commercial, regional, military, and general aviation. Our expertise is in stretch forming metals. 

We have a tradition and a well-known reputation for providing high quality products to our customers. Our vision is to be the metal former of choice to the industries we serve.  We will achieve this goal by providing the best quality products possible, reducing our lead times, and providing our services at a competitive price.

Our Capabilities:

  • Stretch Forming
  • Heat Treat / Age
  • CNC and Hand Rout
  • CNC Machining (Mill, Rout, Drill)
  • CATIA - CAD/CAM Engineering Design
  • CMM Validation
  • Bench Assembly

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