Triumph Interiors

Overview : Triumph Interiors

Triumph Interiors is the industry leader in refurbishing and repairing aircraft interiors and manufactures a full line of PMA interior parts.

We’ve consistently satisfied — and exceeded — the expectations of top airlines and MROs like Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, USAirways, Continental, Alaska, AAR, Gamco, Goodrich, Jet Aviation, Shannon Aerospace, and Timco, to name just a few. We were the first company to focus solely on aircraft refurbishing — and we will always strive to be the best.

Our diverse services include ‘floor-to-floor’ panels, monuments, passenger service units and many other cabin interior components used on commercial, regional, and military aircraft.

Our Capabilities:

  • Aircraft Interior Refurbishment
  • Composite Parts Laminating
  • Aircraft Interior Part Repair
  • PMA Interior Plastic Parts
  • Passenger Service Units
  • Galley Service Carts
  • Repair Development
  • Product Engineering
  • Machine Shop
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