Aerospace Structures

Triumph Aerospace Structures integrates a rich legacy with innovative technology, manufacturing and tooling to create state of the art metallic and composite aircraft structures. We design, engineer, manufacture and assemble large complex structures, sub-systems and close-tolerance parts for military, commercial and industrial OEMs. As a large Tier 1 structures integrator, our key products include wings, wing boxes, fuselage panels, horizontal and vertical tails and sub-assemblies such as floor grids.

FY '21 Sales by Market (%)

  • Commercial
  • Military
  • Business
  • Regional

Integrated design and manufacture of thermo-acoustic insulation, environmental control system ducting, reinforced thermoplastic and other aircraft interior components & composite components for major aerospace OEMs.

  • Design and manufacturing of thermal acoustic insulation products
  • Manufacturing of ECS ducting and composite interiors components
  • Vacuum forming
  • 3 & 5-Axis machining
  • Higher/lower level assemblies
  • Robotic thermoforming
  • Robotic non-destructive inspection
  • Automated painting
  • Integration and engineering services at customer locations

Key Products
  • Thermal acoustic insulation parts
  • Thermal acoustic insulation cover laminates
  • Interior components:
    • Vacuum formed plastics (arm-backrests, tray tables etc.)
    • Soft goods (life vest pouches etc.)
    • Seat covers (pilot- crew seats)
    • Carpet kits
  • ECS ducting
  • Reinforced thermoplastic parts
  • Floor panels
  • Composite components
  • AS9100C: ISO 9001 Approval
  • Various Boeing and Airbus qualifications


Integrated design, build and assembly of major aircraft structures including wings, empennages, flight control surfaces, fuselage structures, and nacelle products for commercial, regional and business jet aircraft.

  • Product development
  • Metallic / composite construction
  • Highly automated facilities
  • Design, analysis and testing
  • Integrated wings
  • Skins & stringers

Key Products
  • Aircraft wings
  • Fuselages
  • Empennages
  • Nacelle products
  • Advance aluminum alloys
  • Light-weight composites


Incorporating both composite and metallic materials, Triumph Aerospace Structures manufactures a variety of world-class aircraft structures and components for wing assemblies, fuselages, empennage and nacelles. Utilizing the latest technologies, automated equipment, acoustic testing and advanced high-temperature materials, TAS products are well respected and heavily relied upon by both commercial and military OEMs.


Triumph’s engineering organization is renowned for its ability to provide creative solutions for some of the aerospace industry’s most difficult challenges. Developing innovative solutions for a wide array of aerospace customers, they bring a variety of design, analysis and structural test engineering services, product development, R&D, qualification, certification for military and commercial customers.


Triumph Aerospace Structures’ Interiors is an integrated designer and manufacturer of thermo-acoustic insulation, environmental control system ducting, reinforced thermoplastic and other aircraft Interior and composite components for major aerospace OEMs.